Holiday closure & Xmas orders

Q: Will my order arrive in time for Xmas?

Couriers take on much higher volumes this time of the year, further intensified by Black Friday backlogs.

If you’re placing an order wishing for it to arrive by Xmas, we strongly suggest doing so by Monday the 13th of December.

While this may seem very early, we prefer to err on the side of caution to try to avoid disappointment, so orders placed thereafter we cannot guarantee will arrive in time for Xmas.

This includes delivery, as well as collection.

Q: Will Techfox close for the holidays?

We’ll be closing on the 22nd of December, and reopening on the 3rd of January. During this time, we’ll try to address support queries as frequently as possible, however sales & orders will only be attended to when we reopen.

Q: Will support be available?

Our support team will still be tending to emails, as often as possible. Sales & orders will only be addressed when we reopen on the 3rd of January.

Q: What are you guys doing during the holidays?

We’ll be taking a bit of time off for ourselves, but we also have some big website improvements that we’ll be working on.

Darren will be forced to tan a bit. Guy’s looking like a vampire these days