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Founded by a small group of gamers in Cape Town with a mutual for personalised
gaming setups and RGB.
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Hi! We’re Techfox, a gaming-focused online computer shop from South Africa.

We believe everyone should love their setup. Through research and experience, we’re committed to helping our customers every step of the way, whether it’s building, upgrading or adding the finishing touches to their setups.

Our goal is to build a platform & community that allows shoppers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want and always feel that they’ve made the right choice.

We’re an online-only based store operating out of Cape Town but deliver straight to your door throughout most of South Africa.


While our core focus may lie within the gaming arena, our team’s knowledge through research and experience extend to all aspects of PC components, Custom PCs, laptops, streaming equipment and home/office setups.

Our inhouse team is readily available and committed to assisting you with custom and pre-built gaming PCs, component compatibility, choosing the right mouse, and even guiding you in building your own gaming PC.

Techfox offers an exciting & dynamic work environment that encourages learning, growth & innovation in each other’s career by means of internships, access to learning material, workshops & team-building experiences.
Venture Workspace Claremont
Ground Floor, Brookside Office Park
11 Imam Haron Road, Claremont
Cape Town

Company Registration number: 201710514807